Chapter 11.01: Our Manuka Bay Wedding!

Introduction to Bacon & the Art of Living

The story of bacon is set in the late 1800s and early 1900s when most of the important developments in bacon took place. The plotline takes place in the 2000s with each character referring to a real person and actual events. The theme is a kind of “steampunk” where modern mannerisms, speech, clothes and practices are superimposed on a historical setting.  Modern people interact with old historical figures with all the historical and cultural bias that goes with this.

Our Manuka Bay Wedding

June 1893

Dear Kids,

The trip to New Zealand from England, past Cape Town was the most exciting sea voyage I have ever undertaken.

On the ship, we met the most interesting lady who would play a major role in the lives of Eben and Minette, Ange Davidson. Like us, she was travelling from England to New Zealand. Ange loved the story of our engagement. A keen mountaineer, she identifies with our mountain and as a lover of nature, she was fascinated with the input from the Bushman and Korana. Angie happened to be registered in New Zealand with the government to perform weddings. She turned out to be 100% the right person for our union! She is in touch with what really matters in life, mature, outgoing and a keen outdoors, mountain person! A true inspiration in her own right, she has summited Mt. Cook, the highest mountain in New Zealand that stands at a height of 3,724 meters. This peak is on Minette and my wish list which means we know exactly what skill it requires. We love the same things; emotionally and spiritually we connect; she was perfect! (4)

Minette left to get a refill on coffee when Ange told me that she is a celebrant and if we are interested, she can marry us. It was a most excellent suggestion! All this happened before we got to Cape Town. I was careful not to say anything to anyone, wanting to surprise Minette. Not even you guys knew! I was so scared someone would say something! I took Luani in my confidence. Well, I had to try and find the right size ring and a wedding dress – all without Minette finding out about it and who better to ask for help than her twin sister. Luni gave me one of her dresses which would fit Minette and a ring to use for the ceremony.

I thought I was being very clever, but to my surprise, when I saw Ange again after we boarded the steamer for our final leg of the journey from Cape Town to the small village of Queens Town, she had serious concerns. She urged me to tell Minette what I am planning before we land in New Zealand. “This is a big day for both of you and Minette will want her own input into what she is going to wear and how the ceremony will be conducted,” she pleaded with me. She had me write out our wows and what it is I wanted her to say. Every few days she asked me if I have spoken to Minette about the plans. (1)

She told us about the small village where she lives called Cheviot. Very close to it are two amazing beaches. One is Gore Bay and the other Manuka Bay. I initially suggested we have a ceremony at Gore Bay. I was insanely excited. (3)

I managed to control my excitement and not tell Minette. Suddenly the coast of New Zealand was in sight and as we sailed past the North Island, I realised that Ange is right. I have to tell Minette.

One afternoon I took a double shot of Whiskey for courage and started my very important discussion with Minette. Or was it a confession?! 🤔😁 I asked her what she would say if I told her that I planned the biggest surprise imaginable for her in New Zealand – a wedding on one of the most remote beaches on earth.  The first human footsteps walked on the beach at Manuka Bay very recently.

Minette and I are very much alike. She completely loved the idea! She is also a very level headed person and asked me if I looked into the legalities of getting married in New Zealand as foreigners. Of course, these were the last things I thought of!

We resolved to tackle these matters when we get to Christchurch. I immediately became very thankful for Ange’s advice when Minette told me that while I am figuring the legal stuff out, she will go dress shopping and then we can both go and look for rings. As much as she loved the Luani options, she wanted to make it more personal. I love it how she felt so close to her sister with her dress and ring with us. It was as if Luani was there with her all the time!

We finally docked at Christchurch. The City is situated in the agricultural plains of Canterbury where it is connected with the Port of Lyttelton by a railway, which required the construction of a long and very costly tunnel through the hills surrounding Lyttelton. It was constructed in 1850 as a bridle path for riding or leading horses (as is inferred in the name). The early European settlers used it as the route from the port to new settlements on the northern side of the Port Hills.

Lyttelton Harbour is breathtaking! More beautiful than anything we have ever seen! Later, when we made it back to Christchurch we hiked almost completely around the bay which is situated in a volcano and the hike is along the crater rim. (2)

Christchurch 1893

Christchurch, 1893


Minette and I fell in love with Christchurch from the first time we rode into the city through the surrounding hills. Even while we were still on the steamer, we decided that we will be doing a lot of hiking. However, not much hiking was done in the week leading up to the big day. I was at a local bacon company, which I will write to you about in my next letter, while Minette did dress shopping. Her dress-lady of choice was herself as inspirational as any of the amazing people who guided us through this adventure.

Part of the ceremony required rings. No sooner did we start shopping for it when we realised that even a basic ring in New Zealand is the cost of a small Mediterranean Island! We opted for token rings with a promise to re-visit this back in Cape Town with Free Range Jewels! After fruitless attempts to even find basic rings, the universe destined us to meet up with the most inspirational lady, daughter to a truly remarkable entrepreneur. Both he and his daughter exemplify triumphing against all odds. We spent a long time swapping stories and the matter of rings was concluded. Not only rings but rings with deep meaning in how we got it and from whom.

Concluding the legal requirements was another story. We had to do it all in a certain way to make our wishes binding under both South African and New Zealand law. This proved to be much more difficult than I envisaged and it all came to a great end with an elderly Oscar, a veteran senior advocate, and one of the only notary’s public we could locate on Friday afternoon to sign our marriage contract before we set out for Cheviot. Our wedding was on Saturday morning. Oscar, a grandfather figure, gave us sound advice, looked out for Minette’s interests in a final wording change in the contract and sent us on our way. The next morning we would get married!


We did a last-minute booking in Cheviot at the Tree House Lodge of Sanna and Ellis. Unlike any other place, we have ever stayed, our home for the next few days was a small and very cosy room with a private bathroom, showers and a bed, suspended close to the ceiling with a ladder to climb up and down. Our own hobbits cove with a very friendly dog, a cat with a slight attitude and receiving a scrumptious breakfast every morning in a small basket, waiting for us outside our door with Gore Bay Kanuka Honey, homemade peanut butter, freshly baked bread and cereal from the amazing hosts on earth!

A friendship formed between us and Sanna and Ellis. We were scheduled to go on a hike after the wedding ceremony, but bad weather set in and they messaged us to say that they prepared the room for us again and we are welcome to spend the next two nights with them if we decide against the hike. That arrangement suited us brilliantly and Sally Handyside, our host for the hike graciously agreed to refund us our booking money! She will definitely see us on a future trip!

Over the next few days, we spend hours visiting, listening to Ellis and Sanna’s adventures and sharing ours. They are a famous couple but I don’t want to mention who they are. The thing that bonded us was not the National Geographic persona of Ellis, but their love for nature and the outdoor, their indomitable spirits and their belief that if one is going to do something, it should be done excellently. I told Ellis that he builds his house and creates his documentaries in exactly the way I believe food should be produced. Naturally and with care and excellence! This couple set the right tone for Minette and my life together and the perfect inspiration for our new venture!


The big day.jpg

The rainy weather was setting in fast. Skies were dark and the wind picked up. Temperatures dropped. Around 9:00 on Saturday morning, the 28th, the bubbly Nike Newton showed up at the hobbits cove to do Minette’s hair. The brief I gave her telephonically on what to do was completely inadequate, but between Minette, Sanna, and Nike, they managed and Minette was looking beautiful! I got dressed in the pants I bought for our engagement and never got to wear on account of getting back from the mountain too late, I white shirt that we bought that week in Christchurch and off we went to Gore Bay Beach. Ange text me to say that the next beach is even more remote than Gore bay and we should meet at Manuka Bay beach.

We did not immediately find the beach, but an old man directed us further down and opened the gate. The storm was about to hit with full force. The skies were even darker. He jokingly asked if we are going diving and we shouted back in the wind, “We are getting married today!” “I will be your best man,” he replied. “I have a suite in the cupboard at home.”

The scene was one from a movie. In the cold, we took off our shoes and walked across the black pebbles to the small party of four awaiting us on the beach. Minette’s blue dress was beautiful against the dark background if the black beach, the skies, and the waves. I looked at her and thought how amazingly beautiful she is! There was not a single person on the beach beside us. It was perfect!

the big day 2.jpg

What follows is the actual content of the ceremony which I wrote on the steamer with major input from Ange over the previous few weeks; in between rushing to make the next transport. (5) Finally, the moment arrived. Ange had to raise her voice to be heard over the waves and the wind.

She started by welcoming us in the native tongue.

“E tu ake ana ahau ke te tautoko I nga mihi ki te Kaihanga.
E mihi ana ki nga maunga, nga moana, nga roto, nga awa me nga wahi tapu o tenei rohe.
Tenei te mihi ki a tatou katoa e hui tahi nei. Tena koutou, tena koutu, tena koutou katoa.”

She translated.

“I stand to support the greetings to our creator. I also greet/acknowledge the mountains, sea, lakes, rivers and sacred areas of this district.
I greet all of us gathered here together. I greet you. I greet you all.”

Kia ora, and Haere mai. Welcome. Today, on this beach, you are to be married.

“Minette and Eben, your true church is the mountains and valleys, the rivers and the deepest forests. These are the cathedrals where you worship. Every stone and insect, the content of the sermons you hear; every sunrise you witness from a mountaintop, the opening prayer. Each glorious sunset, the closing hymn.”

“Here, in nature, you hear a subtler music and see wider visions and are inspired by a loftier spirit. The tempest and the calm day alike is the inspiration and voice of the living god who empowers and revives you. Inspires you to live more fully. Love more completely. Lust with even greater fire! Embracing each, to breathe this great air together.”

“Your union happened without any ceremony or by human will. The powers that unite you are the same powers that we see and hear and feel around us here this morning. It is therefore fitting that nature should witness your formal union today. Not in a city or a man-made shelter, but in the bleak and cold autumn coastline of New Zealand. As Browning put it: “Here, here’s their place; Where meteors shoot; Clouds form; Lightnings are loosened; Stars come and go.””

She gave each of us the opportunity to re-tell the story of how we met and fell in love. “Where is it that you first noticed him and her”, “When was it that you started to fall in love?” “What makes you soul mates?”

“Minette Bylsma, do you choose Eben van Tonder as your husband and promise to do everything in your power to create a loving and lasting marriage?”

“Eben van Tonder, do you choose Minette Bylsma, as your wife, and promise to do everything in your power to create a loving and lasting marriage?”

“As chosen life partners, do you both promise to support and enhance each other’s unique identity through love and nurture, and allow each other individual freedom within this marriage?”

“Who is carrying the wedding rings?”

“These wedding rings serve as a symbol of the vows you have just taken. As circles, they are the symbol of the sun, the earth and the universe, and of whole and perfect unity. They are an outward and visible sign of the inward and invisible love which binds your hearts together. In your marriage, may you enjoy the wholeness of life, spirit, and purpose!”

“As you place these rings on each other’s fingers, repeat these words”

“Eben, please repeat after me:

eben to minette.jpg

“I give you this ring as a symbol of my love and trust, and the promise that we have made today. “

“Minette, please repeat after me:

minette to eben.jpg

“I give you this ring as a symbol of my love and trust, and the promise that we have made today.”

“This morning, many mountains and valleys from around the earth bare testimony of your love. I now call them as my witness with the spirit of your parents, grandparents, and great-grandparents, your brothers, and sisters, the children you love, and your dearest friends. These are witnesses of your eternal union and hear me when I now declare you husband and wife.”

“In the presence of all these many witnesses, Eben and Minette, please seal your union with a kiss.”

“Here are two cloaks. Wrap each other in these as the outward manifestation of your love always folded around the other. Feel the love, the warmth, the security, and strength. Wear these as we sign the official marriage papers.”

They sang a beautiful traditional love song. Angel voices in harmony with the waves and the wind! In my arms, my beautiful bride!

“Minette and Eben, you have declared your love for each other and exchanged your vows. Now you shall say to the world, this – is my husband, this – is my wife.”

“May the love that has brought you together, continue to grow and enrich your lives. May it give you courage, wisdom, and peace in your future together.”

It was magical! Words fail! Life became complete at that moment!

Anna took photos. She, like every single person who was involved in making this an unforgettable day, has been amazing.  As if nature and life itself taught us that we are gifts to each. Minette and I to each other, but broader to people around us.

The ceremony all done, we settled in for the wedding feast. The setting was not a grand banquette hall, but the grass and flowers next to the beach. Our chairs were wooden stumps and the blankets spread out over the grass. Here we shared stories and got to know our amazing witnesses and new-found friends. As we walked back to our cars, it started raining. Everything was perfect!

nz adventure 1.jpg

The New Zealand adventure was a celebration of nature and the best of humanity. Every single person we met along the journey was exceptional. The lady in our favourite Cheviot coffee shop who herself got engaged on Table Mountain many years ago. The supermarket cashier who offered us her transport so that we could get to the next town when she told us there are no banks for us to draw money. She offered for us to stay with her and her young son until we are able to make other plans. Of course, this was not necessary. We had transport and a very cosy hobbits cove to stay, but the fact that she offered! What a way to get married and to continue our life together! Every person we met touched our lives!

When we were alone, after the wedding, when Ange, Anna, and our witnesses were gone, Minette gave me two poems. One is Nuptials by John Agard. The first two stanzas stand out.

nz adventure 2.jpg

“River, be their teacher, that together they may turn their future highs and lows into one hopeful flow

Two opposite shores feeding from a single source. Mountain, be their milestone, that hand in hand they rise above familiarity’s worn tracks into horizons of their own Two separate footpaths dreaming of a common peak.”

I re-read the last two lines again. “Two separate footpaths, dreaming of a common peak!” Such a perfect description of our separate lives, united by shared love!

The other is Us Two by AA Milne

“Wherever I am, there’s always Pooh, There’s always Pooh and Me. Whatever I do, he wants to do, “Where are you going today?” says Pooh: “Well, that’s very odd ‘cos I was too. Let’s go together,” says Pooh, says he. “Let’s go together,” says Pooh.

“What’s twice eleven?” I said to Pooh. (“Twice what?” said Pooh to Me.) “I think it ought to be twenty-two.” “Just what I think myself,” said Pooh. “It wasn’t an easy sum to do, But that’s what it is,” said Pooh, said he. “That’s what it is,” said Pooh.

“Let’s look for dragons,” I said to Pooh. “Yes, let’s,” said Pooh to Me. We crossed the river and found a few- “Yes, those are dragons all right,” said Pooh. “As soon as I saw their beaks I knew. That’s what they are,” said Pooh, said he. “That’s what they are,” said Pooh.

“Let’s frighten the dragons,” I said to Pooh. “That’s right,” said Pooh to Me. “I’m not afraid,” I said to Pooh, And I held his paw and I shouted “Shoo! Silly old dragons!”- and off they flew.

“I wasn’t afraid,” said Pooh, said he, “I’m never afraid with you.”

So wherever I am, there’s always Pooh, There’s always Pooh and Me. “What would I do?” I said to Pooh, “If it wasn’t for you,” and Pooh said: “True, It isn’t much fun for One, but Two, Can stick together, says Pooh, says he. “That’s how it is,” says Pooh.


I set out to find the secret of making the best bacon on earth and in the process, I not only started to discover the secret of bacon but also the magic of life. I can not imagine life without Minette! We started separately and had many issues to work through. Our relationship started as kids playing in the streets of old Cape Town and swimming in the Cape waters after dark. It grew through many days on Table Mountain and the mountains surrounding the Cape.  Despite our differences, what kept us together has always been stronger than what pushed us apart. All these years later, I can say, “So wherever I am, there’s always Pooh, There’s always Pooh and Me. She is my greatest adventure, my highest passion, my most intimate moments.  She is my art of living!”

Our wedding gave us a chance to express our sincere thanks to the special people who are part of our lives and whom we met on this remarkable trip; who made our wedding beyond description; and unforgettable! To the Creator who arranged things better than we could have planned and given us a send-off like no other. To our friends and family, especially the kids and Minette’s parents, her sister, and brother, who encouraged us, thank you for allowing us to do this far away and for all the love and messages. We love you guys and will treasure your words forever!

Minette blows me away! I’m madly in love with her! The fact that she was game for this unique wedding tells a story in itself! This was not for other people. This was for us! It was perfect!


Good Wishes from friends

Here are some of the well-wishes from friends around the world.  Adriaan and the Woody’s staff did this one! Thank you, guys! It was the best surprise to get the wishes from you guys!! Hanro Rossouw, Charl Le Roux, Valery Cloete, Debbie. Meneer Adriaan Oberholzer – wow! Baie dankie!

finally 2.jpg

My friends Oscar and Trudie Oscar En Trudie Klynveld and Trudie sent us this beautiful message.

finally 3.jpg

Willem Klynveld sent us this beautiful message.

finally 4.jpg

The message from our friends in Nepal, Ayush Rajbhandari and Silika Shakya Rajbhandari did not want to play, but we really appreciate the message! We were thinking of you guys!

finally 5

Another friend of ours, Dawie Hyman sent us a mad message but I subsequently lost it.  I am sorry Mr. Dawie!  However, we will see you very soon in America.  After we discovered everything else that life is teaching us on these amazing shores of New Zealand, we are coming to visit you!

Elmar and Juanita sent us a beautiful voice message which I will also try and combine into one message and post here.

There are many friends who sent us messages through other media. Kokkie Kok, Oom Jan, ek sal Oom s’n soek en ook hier post. Baie dankie. Oom se woorde het soveel beteken!

Last, but not least, my old friend and colleague, Ehrhardt Meyer.

finally 6.jpg

The message you guys sent us, Tristan and Lauren was very special.  We love you guys dearly.  You are our heartbeats and our soul!  Here is what you sent us:

Congratulations Eben and Minette on getting married yesterday!! I’m so happy for you two and it’s about bloody time!

You two have been through so much and it’s truly amazing to see how close you two have gotten over the years. I know you make each other super happy and I’m glad I could be around to see it ❤️ welcome officially to the family Minette ( even though you’ve been apart of it for so long 😏), really glad you’re in Lauren van Tonder and mines life❤️

I hope you two are having an amazing time in New Zealand, but hurry it up back so we can celebrate! Love both of you big time 🔥

Wedding Album

Landing in New Zealand was exciting.  Of course, we were brought here not only by the invitation of Stu but by the opportunity to see C & T Harris becoming a truly global company. More about this in my next mail.  For now, there is still a whole lot of “art of living” left before I return to the secrets of bacon!

The time we spend in Cape Town was again indescribable.  We miss you guys dearly and wish you were here with us.

Lots of love from Cheviot!

Dad and Minette

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(1) Up till this point, Minette knew nothing about the plans. Ange strongly suggested that I tell Minette sooner rather than later. As the plane came in for landing I told Minette, “How about us getting married next weekend? In Cheviot? On the beach?” In a clear sign that we belong together, she was immediately insanely excited!

(2) Planning had to be quick! Luani, Minette’s sister liked the plan and gave me a dress and a ring to use. I picked the dress up the day before our flight. I did the application to the government online, two days before our flight out. In between the quick arrangements, I found time to call her parents and her brother and told them about the plan.

(3) In NZ, to select a marriage officer, one must also choose a location and all these have to be done well ahead of time. I was completely out of time! I was looking for a place outside Christchurch, somewhere remote. Christchurch is to city-ish for our liking. My first choice was Te Anau in the south, but I knew we would not have time to drive there. I did not like the look of the places south of the city. I wrongfully thought an old buddy of mine, Brendon and his family lives up in the Cheviot area and remember him telling me its the middle of nowhere. It turned out that I was wrong in thinking that he lives there, but right that it was the middle of nowhere and a beautiful and unspoiled location (in retrospect, I realise he was not even talking about Cheviot!) It is an amazingly wild area and the best thing about it is that it has a marriage officer, Ange!

(4)  She has done the Kepler hike which Minette and I did two years ago in two days!

(5) Also, between flights; during flights; in an airport lounge in Dubai


Encyclopedia of New Zealand, The Bridle Path,2010.


Christchurch, 1893. Lena Fuller, watercolor study of Christchurch signed and dated 1893


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