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I live in Cape Town. I am passionate about meat curing and other forms of processing; an amateur food historian; a meat processing consultant with 8 years of production management experience in a large bacon plant, and 10 years of operations management experience. As factory manager, I have been exposed to the best management systems globally related to food safety, product development, and production. I have extensive formulation experience in emulsion sausages, blended hams and bacon. I base my work on a thorough understanding of meat science. I am an avid student of the chemistry and various biological processes underpinning our trade. I do this, however, not in a bubble for the sake of academia, but to be better at my work, formulate better and advance our trade.

I have two children, Tristan and Lauren. I write about what fascinates me, which is the basis of EarthwormExpress. My book on the history of bacon curing, Bacon & the Art of Living is hosted here.

Here is the link to Get in Touch.

My professional CV and the services I render: Resume: Eben van Tonder

Bacon & the Art of Living 1

Bacon & the Art of Living is my book on the history of bacon.

Nose-to-Tail: Root-to-Tip is my work on emulsion products.

My consulting company, working in the meat industry is Origins. For a more complete discussion, visit the Origins page.

My work has always been about going back to origins. Origins of humans, origins of various technologies and the origins of our food. My consultancy company is therefore appropriately called “Origins.” I apply what I’ve learned to solve clients’ needs. Here, I pool the efforts of best-in-field industry professionals from around the world and create a team with superior synergy. We have amongst others the following capabilities:

  • NPD;
  • Complete factory design including AutoCAD design and complete project management of the entire process including oversight over sub-contractors;
  • Complete oversight over new factory commissioning and start-up;
  • Compliance with current food safety legislation;
  • We have exclusive access to various novel meat technologies;
  • Improve bottom line by fully utilising local raw material supply by re-designing functional components to formulations. The approach is discussed in Nose-to-Tail: Root-to-Tip;
  • Through a network of contacts, we are able to enhance current marketing strategies through innovative product formulation and design.
  • Also refer to:

EarthwormExpress is the sum of my work in the meat industry.

Personal Pages

Here I host a selection of personal pages. Originally I designed it as part of Bacon & the Art of Living. The Dutch have a saying that the art of writing is not in the writing itself, but in the cutting. I removed the pages from my work since it provides important background to the work but does not sufficiently speak to the core subject to retain its place in the work.

I did the same when I removed chapters from Bacon & the Art of Living and moved it to “Die Kompleet Werke van JW Kok/ The Collective Works of JW Kok (Oom Jan/ Kokkie)

I also add my personal recollections related to the meat trade and my work.

Prospective clients may mostly be interested in my work related to the meat factory: The Meat Factory

I am available for contract work and consultancy.

Eben van Tonder
email:  ebenvt@gmail.com
cell: +27715453029

ps. The photo of me and my daughter, Lauren, is a very old photo! 🤣😎🤣😎

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  1. My family also originates from Van Tonder and Kok families indeed for two generations they were neighbours on the farms Elandsfontein and Jachtfontein They have married into each others families about 4 times over three generations Good luck with your work

  2. Dear Eben

    I found your website when looking for material on E V Rieu. I’ve just forwarded a biographical note on him to some friends (including a link to your blog about Rieu) and would like to forward to you if you can send me an email address.

    I look forward to exploring your website.

    Best wishes


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