The majestic Mnweni

This post is part of The Art of Living series from Bacon and the Art of Living.  Chapter 99, where this is posted, is an addendum to the book.  In the “Art of Living section, I write about family and the many great experiences we had as part of “the art of living.”  Most of these experiences make it into the main body of the work.


April 2015

It would be our first Drakensberg hike. I called someone who told me not to try it alone. The Drakensberg is not the Cape mountains. You need local knowledge.

I called Gustav from Itchy Feet.  He has just the hike for us.  The Mnweni / Rockeries Circuit.  His favourite hike in the world.

Both Minette and I need a break.  Make it out of Cape Town on 1 April.  We arrive in Winterton and one of the most amazing weeks of our lives start with Gustav, his wife Nerissa and a friend of theirs, Deon.  Four young Dutch people join us for the insane hike.

Five days later Minette and I are left reflecting on one of the most amazing weeks ever!

Words fail.  Pictures are inadequate. Mind-blowing spectacular!  Thank you, Gustav, Nerissa, and Deon.  We were not clients.  We became friends!  For your impeccable professionalism, your big spirits, the liberality of your giving and sharing – for what you have shown us! – thank you!

eben and minette

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