1.  Coppa by Jason Clark
  2. Seasoned Cup
  3. Parma PGI Cup
  4. Reserve Cup
  5. Red Cup

1. Coppa by Jason Clarke

2% Salt
0.25% #2
0.5% BP
0.5% Juniper
0.5% Thyme
0.1% Garlic
Washed wine after 3 weeks. Black pepper, juniper, and thyme then reapplied and cased in a beef bung.

This one took 3.5 months at 10c 75%RH. Literally zero case hardening, which I put down to a new Inkbird humidity controller and the removal of a fan that I previously used. My chamber is small and really doesn’t need a fan, as I check it daily so getting enough movement.

From a post on The Salt Cured Pig.  2019.


2. Seasoned Cup

“WEIGHT : 1.7 kg.

LENGTH : cm 29.

DIAMETER: 10 cm.

QUALITY : choice, lean Italian pork collar. Hand-salted in the traditional way.

FLAVOR : the flavor is sweet but has great personality.” (


“WEIGHT : 1.8 kg.

LENGTH : cm 29.

DIAMETER : cm 11.

QUALITY : choice, lean Italian raw material. The hand-salting is a closed-beef beef gut with a hand-tied string. This is followed by curing for 70 to 90 days. Produced in accordance with the Parma PGI PGI regulations.

FLAVOR : sweet and tasty.”  (


“WEIGHT : kg 2.

LENGTH : cm 30.

DIAMETER : 12 cm.

QUALITY : choice, lean raw material from heavy Italian pigs. After lunch, the pork collar is placed in a closed-ended beef gut. This is followed by curing for 95 days. A very attractive product with great prestige.

FLAVOR : a irresistible taste, sweet but with great personality. Very popular with connoisseurs.” (



“WEIGHT : kg ½ of 3.5 and 3.5.

LENGTH : cm 35.

DIAMETER : cm 13.

QUALITY : a pork belly with the fat trimmed off, wrapped around a pork collar. Hand-salted (sea-salt salting), left to stand, rolled, placed in a gut casing and then tied in an elastic mesh which holds them firmly in place during the curing process. It is naturally lean.

FLAVOR : extremely sweet, mildly spicy.”  (

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