Beef Jerky by Willie Rosin

Trying something new to me – EQ cured pork jerky. 2% salt, 0.25% cure #1, 1% maple sugar, 1% brown sugar, 0.1% garlic powder, 0.75% fermented hot pepper sauce solids, 0.5% fermented hot sauce, 0.5% Lea and Perrins Worcestershire (for umami). I had 645 grams of pork roast leftover after I cut some steaks out of it, so I thought it was a good amount for this experiment. I will lay the slices on my smoker racks and smoke with mulberry as it cooks and dries. Has anyone done this? I laid the slices out flat, sprinkled the dry ingredients on the slices, then stacked them and put them in a quart ziploc to ensure even distribution of cure and spices. Then I added the liquids a few hours later after some liquid exudate had formed. How long do you think I need to let this cure with thin slices of pork? They’re around 3/16” thick.