Country Ham by Stew Taylor

country ham 1

15 month old Country Ham
Marainski’s Country Ham day 45
page 507 of his green book

Birkshire pork leg
5.4 % kosher
1% #2
2% Sugar
.6% BP

Take your total cure rub and divide it into three containers

Apply first on day 1, second on day 3 then third and last application day 10. Keeping at 90 rh and 3 Celsius.

After a total salting time of 40 days brush the salt and spice off the surface cover in BP and hang for 14 more days at 3 Celsius and 75%.

On the 54th day, smoke over hickory (cold smoke) for 30 hours in 6-hour shifts.

After which it hung for 15 months at 5 C / 75rH

Sous vided 62 deg C for 12 hours

country ham 2.jpg

Hung for 2 weeks after cooking.

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