Greg’s Ham

Greg Gunthorp from Gunthorp Farms posted this great Ham recipe on The Salt Curing Pig. I give you his recipe and three classic videos showing a pok leg being deboned.

Prepare brine:  salt, brown sugar, and cure. Close to 2% of each and close to 200 ppm of nitrites.

Trim:  Removed the aitch and femur and shank bone.

I add three iconic clips on deboning pork leg.

Greg does not remove the femur, but I suggest we remove the bones, form it in a mould and tie it back together with TG.  Back to Greg’s recipe.

  • Inject.
  • Vacuum tumbled,  for 8 hours at a very slow spin. (~2 rpm?)
    Cured for 10 days in a curing container in cover brine for at 4 degrees C.  Notice that the old Westphalia Ham recipe calls for 4 weeks curing.
  • I will personally do another 15 minutes in a paddle mixer at a very low speed – no vacuum, meat temperatures < 5 deg C.
  • Dry:  Nett and hang on for two days prior to smoking.  I will also do the netting tighter than Greg.  The Westfalia recipe calls for four days drying.
  • Smok light and intermittently for 20 hours (7 days) over hickory and apple coals.
  • After smoking, I also suggest a maturing stage for 7 days following smoking.

Greg insists that the taste is not overly smoky.

Greg's Hams.jpg
Photo from Greg.  The hams look delicious!

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