Beef Heart Pastrami

Milen Nenchev (Милен Ненчев) from Sofia, Bulgaria shared details of Beef Heart Pastrami he made. The work is of such quality that I had to include it in my list of artisan recipes.

He writes, “Harvest wasn’t going well so I thought I’d make the cats a Christmas present but decided to taste it before making the final decision…!? A gross mistake I would have made if I hadn’t tried. Unfortunately, the kittens will be left without a gift!!! 😁

Controlled salting for 10-12 days.
The right amount of spices for 1000 grams
30 grams of salt (12 nitrite / 18 plain)
5 grams of sugar
5 grams of black pepper
5 grams of conifer
2 grams of cumin
2 grams of pride
3-4 pcs of cloves
1 gram of cardamom
50 ml of red wine
Cheers! 🍷

There are other Beef Heart Pastrami recipes on the web, but this is my favourite due to the low water activity and the possibility to create another biltong hybrid! I include this on my list of artisan products to make. Shall I call it Milen (Милен)-Biltong? I like the name! 🙂


Ladies and gentlemen, licantropes! ☠☠☠ Good news for horror lovers and fans of brutal music. In my attempts to create something different, more interesting, better… I present to your attention the experiment that exceeded all expectations. Here is the final continuation of the saga “Lukanka from a Beef Heart”❤❤❤

Milen Nenchev (Милен Ненчев) not only made beef heart pastrami but also sausages.

One of his friends, Nikolay Nikolov (Николай Николов) made an interesting comment worth noting. He wrote, “I have done a lot of experiments, beef heart and pork 50/50, 60/40 and one sample of beef heart only, a perfect sausage is always obtained, I also put pork hearts instead of beef and it still works, the woman likes more the one with hearts than the one with only meat.”

Very special people live around the Black Sea with a natural “feeling” for meat that goes back thousands of years! It shows!

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