Artisan Bacon Flavours and great concepts – research notes

Bacon can be served in new and innovative ways. In this section, I explore new bacon recipes.

1. Butter and Sage bacon

Restructure bacon according to standard method.

Cure with Origins bacon brine.

Sage 1g

Butter Butts 5g

10L Origins Brine


Sage 100mL

Butter Butts 1300g

10L Origins Brine

2. Improving on our loaves

Image and work by James Barlow

3.  Hickory Ham Breakfast Strips

Hickory Ham Product Idea.jpg

Clipping from:

The Wilmington Morning Star
Wilmington, North Carolina
29 Dec 1922, Fri  β€’  Page 12

4.  Stephen’s round belly bacon

Round Belly 2

Round Belly