The Truth About Meat Curing: What the popular media do NOT want you to know!

A series dedicated to exposing the truth about nitrite and nitrate

So much miss information and reporting for the sake of sensation-seeking on this matter that I had to do this short series. One can keep silent for only so long!

The series is in response to the following documentary, “The Meat Lobby: How the Meat Industry Hides the Truth | ENDEVR Documentary” on YouTube

There are many similar ones on the web, and a newspaper often decides to run articles on the matter.

Part 1: Setting the stage

Part 2: The Curing Molecule

In this instalment, I refer to Fathers of Meat Curing and my article on the work of Dr Polenske, Saltpeter: A Concise History and the Discovery of Dr Ed Polenske.

Part 3: Steps to secure the safety of cured meat

I discuss steps taken by the meat industry, academia and government right from the inception of nitrite curing to ensure it is completely safe. The article I did which I discuss is Regulations of Nitrate and Nitrite post-1920’s: the problem of residual nitrite.

The last three chapters of my book on the history of bacon curing, Bacon & the Art of Living, speak to the issues addressed in this series.

Part 4: Nitrosamines

Part 5: Nitrite is Physiologically Vital

Part 6:The Human Nitrogen Cycle – Basis for Nitrite’s Physiological Value

Part 7: Bacon, the Superfood

In the next instalment, I continue to take a look at the changing narrative related to nitric oxide.

Part 8: Changing Perspectives on Nitrate, Nitrite and Nitric Oxide

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