Best Bacon System on Earth

Best Bacon System on Earth
By Eben van Tonder
8 January 2018


Almost four years ago I started working with transglutaminase.  I outsourced the manufacturing of my custom blend to a reputable company in China.

We embarked on designing a system that is optimal for bacon production from a manufacturers perspective.

Unique Features

The features that were important to us were the following:

  • It had to be easy to use
  • The grids should not bend when dropped, even if they are full
  • The seams should not split.  High pressure will be applied to the meat to ensure that air is removed from the meat matrix that will interfere with the binding.
  • We opted NOT to stack bellies on top of each other – it does not work well.
  • It had to be cost-effective
  • Trolleys had to be fitted with durable wheels, able to pivot.

Unsurpassed Benefits

  • Slicing yields of 98%
  • Consistent production yields
  • Bacon is perfectly consistent in shape

Superior Engineering


The complete system is produced in South Africa at a price that is almost impossible to match in any other country.

Safety/ Food Safety Features

The system was designed with European safety and food safety features in mind.

Two sizes:

480mm long for Treif-type slicers and 900mm long for high-speed slicers.

Other Bacon Components Available

A Unique Bacon Brine:

I designed a brine with all the features and benefits required for excellent bacon at a fraction of the price of bacon brines from regular spice companies.

Baking Paper

After intensive tests, we opted to stay with a specialized, perforated baking paper.

Consulting and recipes

I have extensive experience in bacon production and developed a number of custom recipes such as excellent catering bacon.  If you buy the system from us, I will happily share most of these recipes with you.

Batching system

A German Master Butcher developed a batching system that works hand-in-glove with the total bacon production system.

Hydraulic Press


After extensive testing, we designed a hydraulic press to deliver the pressure required to remove air from the meat system and greatly enhance the binding and restructuring of the meat.  It also ensures consistency in the final bacon shape.

Full Automation

The entire system is designed with full automated loading and offloading in mind.  These features are currently being designed.

All Bacon Cuts

The system is ideal for processing belly, loin, leg, shoulder, catering bacon.


Over the years I had the opportunity to work with most other systems available on the market.  We took the best features from everyone and worked hard to eliminate the defects.  The result is a superior system with no equal.

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