Ube or Nigerian Pear

Ube or Nigerian Pair
Eben van Tonder
29 June 2023


A plant from West Africa (Nigeria). The oil of fruits of D. edulis (Ube) is a rich source of fatty acids and triglycerides. In some areas, the plant is venerated as “pure” or “sacred” because of historical mysterious events linked to it. The idioms and proverbs relating to the plant show the importance of ube in the Igbos cultural system. These connections cut across worship, marriage, birth, chieftaincy/ coronation, dispute, recreation, construction, and craftworks. Ardent efforts are required to preserve this rich ethnobotanical knowledge as well as a section of the plant’s (small-sized fruit) germplasm, which is threatened by the prevailing trade and domestication trends that favour large-sized fruit types within and beyond the tribal confines.” (Omonhinmin, 2014)

See the complete and thorough treatment by Conrad A. Omonhinmin (2014) below available for download.


Conrad A. Omonhinmin. (2014) Ethnobotany of Dacryodes edulis (G.Don) H.J. Lam in Southern Nigeria 2: Practices and applications among Igbo-speaking people. http://www.ethnobotanyjournal.org/vol12/i1547-3465-12-071.pdf