Morning Meditation

15 May 2019 (edited 24 June 2023, Lagos)

When I turned 50, I rediscovered the spirituality that created Woody’s. 


Good morning, beautiful day, and bountiful world. I surround myself with my counsellors, the God of my parents, the spirits of my forefathers, the spirits, and gods of Ile Ife with all the spirits of Africa, the gods of India, Nepal and Asia, my dragons, my seagull, for wisdom and protection through this day.

I will meditate on the example set to me by Oupa Eben, his father and grandfather, my mom and dad, and my dad’s parents and grandparents.

I embrace the light and insight from my own soul. I thank the universe for the ability of every woman, man and child to feed their hunger, access their eyesight, hear, feel, be, grow hands, run, soar and love. I accept personal responsibility and that I have the potential to overcome anything.

More than this, I can become more than I have ever imagined possible.

Our own life paths unlock the power in us. I respect this process of each woman, man, and child and allow them to learn this lesson which is true salvation. On this day, I will not take the suffering and grief of other people for myself and thus rob them.

I will focus on my own process and show others the power in themselves. I will encourage and assist only in appropriate ways when I encounter others in need. I will show that anything I can do, others can do as well and anything that others can do, I can do also.

I will call on my counsellors every morning and remember their examples. I will surround myself today with exceptional people who do the impossible so that I can remember what I am capable of. Today I will do the impossible!

I give gratitude for the miracles of yesterday and insights from the rest of last night.

I return every fiery arrow in love, that will be launched against me in this day.

I will not be distracted by looking or meditating on wrongs done to me.

I will communicate in honesty, integrity, clarity and in love in every situation.

I will live this day as if it’s my last day on earth. I will achieve the impossible. I will triumph against all odds. Today I will change myself to a better man and I will change reality around me.

(c) Eben van Tonder, 3 April 2010

The Featured Image is of a Nguni bull on the farm of Etienne Lotter.