Evening Meditation

15 May 2019

When I turned 50 I rediscovered the spirituality that created Woodys.  On the eve of a very important meeting with Etienne.


Good evening bountiful Gaia.

Today I have done the impossible. Glorious battles. Experienced great joy. Loved. Lived as if this was my last day on earth.

Faced every challenge with respect and dignity.

Now, as the day draws to a close I am ready to welcome gentle rest.

I give thanks for all the good that this day brought. I celebrate my friends and children – loved one with whom I had the privilege to share this beautiful day.

As I retreat to my garden of solitude, I allow energy to flow into my weary mind and rejuvenate it.

I breathe deep the breath of life. I sit quietly. I wait. My counsel will minister before my mind is swept away to my beautiful dreamland where I will play. Fly. Where I will commune with my beloved.

I embrace the night that has mercifully been given to me for rejuvenation and rest. I accept the gift. I embrace it.

(c) Eben van Tonder, 29 November 2010

Featured Image:  The first photo I took when I arrived in Denmark to learn the art of Bacon on 9 Oct 2011.

The second photo is of Manuka Bay, New Zealand.