Advertising and Marketing Matters

Here I share EXCEPTIONAL bacon and meat adverts and related matters. Also see: Pic History of Meat Processing

The Woodys Adverts

A lifelong friend, Dawie Hyman spearheaded the development of Woody’s adverts right at the start of the company. I used it as a talking point with buyers when I saw them for listings. It worked so well! Dawie still runs his production company. You can contact me for his details if you like his approach! 🙂

Family Marketing

On 29 May 2010, I drove to Edenvale where I picked up new designs for our Woody’s brand. Tristan was 12 and came with me to fetch it. I had to bribe him to join me and he told me, “It seems like my awesomeness is rubbing off on you, dad!” I LOVE his confidence! The kids were intimately involved in creating the brand from as early as they can remember.


Eskort Ltd

Three brilliant adverts by the legendary South African bacon and smallgoods producer, Eskort Ltd.

I’ve been a fan of Eskort for a long time and it is not just because of their rich history! The common sense excellence they pursue in their products precipitates in everything they do. Here is the first of three brilliant adverts they created! I will share them one at a time.

This one is brilliant for its authentic character and the fact that it takes a scenario that most of us can relate to. They pack a world of matter into a drop of airtime! Sharp and short! To the point! The viewer can identify! And LOVE it! Witty!

The second Eskort clip we review is hilarious! I almost feel guilty for loving it!! 🙈 Tremendous “viral value” which is the point of these clips and just what I intend doing! Share the hell out of it! 🤣💥 Simply brilliant! Im sharing it with all my bacon-crazy friends!

“Your girlfriend Stacy, is also his girlfriend Stacy!” – “Outsibling your siblings!” Classic!! Such an honour to have shard it with you guys! A real company with real heat! Stunning work Eskort!

Ive sent it to an IT and marketing guru friend in Los Angeles for comment. He says: “Brilliant videos. Bacon is a superpower. It’s like the jedi wave. “These are not the Droids you were looking for.” Just eat our bacon!” – Dawie Hyman

The Beginning of Bacon Advertising

Edward L. Bernays describes his work with the Beech Nut Packing Company and the how bacon and eggs became America’s favorite breakfast.

Kiwi Bacon

My friends at Hellers, the owners of the Kiwi Brand, created this stunning ad!

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