The Salt Bridge

A butchers story.  The remarkable story of salt.  It forms a bridge to our past and unites our cultures.

From Bacon & the Art of Living, also see Chapter 08.06 From the Sea to Turpan




01. Salt – 7000 years of meat-curing

02.  Nitrate Salts Epic Journey:  From Turfan in China, through Nepal to North India

03.  And then the mummies spoke!

04.  The Sal Ammoniac Project

05.  An Introduction to the Total Work on Salt, Saltpeter and Sal Ammoniac – Salt before the Agricultural Revolution

06.  Searching for Salt in New Zealand

07.  Concerning the lack of salt industry in pre-European New Zealand and other tales from Polynesia and the region

08.  Salt and the Ancient People of Southern Africa

09.  The impact of Sodium Bicarbonate and the Tswaing Impact Crater

10.  The Stories of Salt

11.  Builders of the Stone Ruins – From Antiquity to the Pô

12.  Salt Bush



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