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Hey there!

Join Gil and Eben every week in the Charc’ Tank where we talk meat!

Don’t expect an academic discussion. Having said that, we are not scared of scientific inquiry!

We talk informally about that which we love: meat!

We dont always stick strictly to a point by point script or even to any particular subject even though we broadly thread every discussion around a central theme.

What you get is:

  • Informative
  • Interesting
  • Fun
  • Relevant

From the tank:

(list of all podcasts)

#1 – What is Water Activity, and how does it relate to meat curing?

Further Reading: Water Activity

-> Water Activity and Moisture Sorption Isotherms

#2 – Microbes: Part 1 – Bad bacteria and hygiene in the curing kitchen


Further Reading: Microbes

-> Microbiology

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About us.

Gil started his meat journey in 1978 when he was just five years old. The first piece of “furniture” he bought with his own money when he moved out of his mother’s home in 1994 was a WEBER Kettle BBQ.

For the past 17 years, Gil has been curing meats as a hobbyist and commercial curesmith.  In 2019 Gil, with his family, moved to Poland, where he is now focused on building a digital media business promoting the curing of meat.

Eben created Woodys Consumer Brands in 2008 with Oscar Klynveld which grew to SA’s largest 3rd party bacon producer. He left Woodys in 2018 to focus on fine emulsion sausages and other interesting meat research projects. He writes extensively on the meat industry and continues to works in the trade as an independent consultant. He lives in Cape Town.

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