The History of Bacon, Ingredients and related technologies

Crown Mills, 148 Bree Street, Newtown, Johannesburg. C. 1950.  Crown Foods Holdings was acquired in 1992 from Murry and Roberts.  Crown Mills merged with National Spice to create Crown National.

The home of the history of bacon, ingredients and all technologies related to bacon curing.  As always, we deal with the history of its use and the chemistry and mechanics behind its functionality.


Bacon Curing – a historical review

Counting Nitrogen Atoms – The History of Determining Total Meat Content

Dr. Morgan’s Arterial Injection:  The Australian Connection

Fathers of Meat Curing


Saltpeter:  A Concise History and the Discovery of Dr. Ed Polenski

The Mother Brine

Saltpeter, Horse Sweat, and Biltong: The origins of our national food

Listeria Monocytogenes: Its discovery and naming.

The Origins of Polony

My Complete Work on Nitrites

Photo Credit:  Crown National