TG Options and Processes

TG Stability and Reactivity

Ligar MBMM-DA & MBMM2Sprinkle-> Sprinkle application on processed and fresh meat.

Ligar MB MM – for refomed bacon with fat mixed in

Ligar B – for bacon and emulsified sausages

Ligar F-EM B – for beef emulsions and Beef Fat Emulsions.

Ligar F-EM C for chicken skin emulsions.

Ligar F Em – for fat emulsions

Chicken Skin Emulsion Process

  1. The ratio of TG: water: chicken skin as 1:18:12;
  2. Add skin into the water and cook them until boiled;
  3. Weight all the material and add water to compensate for any losses during cooking;
  4. Put skin and broth into the cutter and cut them until well homogenized;
  5. When the temperature is between 45-50 degree, add TG and cut for around 30 seconds;
  6. Pull out the stuff and wait for jellification.

Example of Beef Emulsion

TG R   700,0050g R    35,00
Fat R      10,006kg R    60,00
Lecithin R      80,0014mL R      1,12
Water R        0,509kg R      4,50
15,06kg R  100,62
Cost/kg R      6,68/kg
With Markup R      7,86/kg