Stocks Meat Market

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In Nov 2004, I started working for Stocks Meat Market.  I was living in Johannesburg and applied for a position as Sales Manger.  The directors, Clarence, Donald, Philip and Roy interviewed me.  Everybody was sceptical because I did not come from the industry.  Roy, I was told later, remarked, “At least he can talk.”  In the end, they gave me an opportunity to relocate and take up the position.

So my love affair with the meat industry started and I got to know this remarkable company.  Here I would love to tell their story.

LTR: Clarence, his dad, Ben (Benjamin Michael Amos), the founder of Stocks Meat Market, and two of Ben’s others sons, Donald and Philip.  Their oldest brother Ben is not in the photo.
I got the above photo from Dean, Ben’s son in Australia from a Facebook post he did.
It was the posting of this iconic pic that motivated me to do the story of Stocks.  Dean was head of IT when I was there.

Dean’s Memories:

Here are some of Dean’s Photos.  By this time Stocks consolidated their operation into two sites.  One in Landsdown Road where the fresh meat was done and one in Lower Main Road, Observatory where the processed meat was done.