Origins – A Consulting Company for the Meat Industry

My work has always been about going back to origins. Origins of humans, origins of various technologies and the origins of our food. My consultancy company is therefore appropriately called “Origins.” I apply what I’ve learned to solve clients’ needs. Here, I pool the efforts of best-in-field industry professionals from around the world and create a team with superior synergy. We have amongst others the following capabilities:

  • NPD;
  • Complete factory design including AutoCAD design and complete project management of the entire process including oversight over sub-contractors;
  • Complete oversight over new factory commissioning and start-up;
  • Compliance with current food safety legislation;
  • We have exclusive access to various novel meat technologies;
  • Improve bottom line by fully utilising local raw material supply by re-designing functional components to formulations. The approach is discussed in Nose-to-Tail: Root-to-Tip;
  • Through a network of contacts, we are able to enhance current marketing strategies through innovative product formulation and design.
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A. Project Photos

Below is a selection of photos from some of my most recent projects.

B. Product Photos

These are the kind of products we bring to life.

C. The African Project

Projects are always of a confidential nature. I will, therefore, not list them. One pet project that I have been working on for a few years now is my African project where I trace the largely unknown meat curing tradition in Africa and seek formulations and products to celebrate it and bring it to the young generation. I will update the list of related articles I did relative to this project below.

Picture reference

Photos and work by Robert Goodrick, other members of the Salt Cured Pig.  Also some photos and work by Eben van Tonder and Frank from Castlemain.