Removal of Nitrite from Meat Curing Systems

Removal of Nitrite from Meat Curing Systems


I have spent many years looking to Nitrite and trying to understand its function and possible ways to replace it. (see Mechanisms of Meat Curing, Reaction Sequence: From nitrite (NO2-) to nitric oxide (NO) and the cooked cured colour and Nitrate and Nitrite – their history and functionality and in particular Nitrite Free Bacon: Barriers against clostridium botulinum)

The possibility to remove nitrite completely from our curing systems remains a lofty goal. Other pressing projects limits the time I have available to study recent developments in great detail. I nevertheless list all relevant articles here for future consumption to “bookmark” them for myself for future research and reading.

Lit of Relevant Articles

Baskaran, V., Patil, P.K., Antony, M.L. et al. Microbial community profiling of ammonia and nitrite oxidizing bacterial enrichments from brackishwater ecosystems for mitigating nitrogen species. Sci Rep 10, 5201 (2020).

Ferysiuk, K., & Wójciak, K. M. (2020). Reduction of Nitrite in Meat Products through the Application of Various Plant-Based Ingredients. Antioxidants (Basel, Switzerland)9(8), 711.

From the Food Safety Authority of Ireland, Use and Removal of Nitrite in Meat Products

A list of my complete work on Nitrite