Chapter 18: Roy Oliver

Introduction to Bacon & the Art of Living

The story of bacon is set in the late 1800s and early 1900s when most of the important developments in bacon took place. The plotline takes place in the 2000s with each character referring to a real person and actual events. The theme is a kind of “steampunk” where modern mannerisms, speech, clothes and practices are superimposed on a historical setting.  Modern people interact with old historical figures with all the historical and cultural bias that goes with this.

Roy Oliver

The man who had the greatest effect on my life, apart from my dad, was Roy Oliver. An entire chapter is dedicated to him in this work to celebrate him and his contribution to the meat curing world. In the first place, it was Roy who taught me how to cure bacon and to link my experiences with the techniques of ages past.

Roy is an exceptional human being in every respect, as a husband, a father, a grandfather, a master butcher, a man of God, a mentor and a friend! So often we honour those who are closest to us only when they are not here anymore, and in this page, I want to celebrate this man, who has such a huge impact on my life, while he is still here. I want to thank him for our great friendship, tell his stories and share his world. Roy taught me both how to make excellent bacon and the art of living!

Pictures of Roy

Roy at Stocks Meat Market

Roy at Woodys Bacon

Roy at PB

Roy and COVID

Roy contracted COVID in 2020. Three ambulances were rushed to his home when he started extreme difficulty berating. They managed to stabilize him and he was immediately admitted to intensive care in Cape Town. He managed to survive, but due to blood clots his leg had to be amputated. He lost his ability to read and write.

Below are photos of Roy and his men!! He trained every one of them into some of the best butchers and processing men on earth! I finer team does not exist! I am honoured to know you! Roy, you are a legend!! Covid is not getting you down!! Whatever life throws at you, you will triumph through the support of your amazing family and friends and you unmovable faith in God who is your keeper and rock!