About eben


I live in Cape Town.  I wear many hats.  I am passionate about artisan curing of exceptional meat products; an amateur food historian; a bacon processing consultant with 6 years production management experience in a large bacon plant, 10 years operations management experience and is available for contracts and consultancy work.  I assist companies to integrate the reshaping of bacon logs through grid technology and transglutaminase.

I love food technology and discovering why things work the way they work.  I write about what fascinates me.

We learn from people around us.  Sometimes I have the privilege to interview food-people.  I share their stories here.

I have two children, Tristan and Lauren.

Eben van Tonder
email:  ebenvt@gmail.com
cell: +27715453029


ps. Its a very old photo. 🙂


2 thoughts on “About eben

  1. My family also originates from Van Tonder and Kok families indeed for two generations they were neighbours on the farms Elandsfontein and Jachtfontein They have married into each others families about 4 times over three generations Good luck with your work

  2. Dear Eben

    I found your website when looking for material on E V Rieu. I’ve just forwarded a biographical note on him to some friends (including a link to your blog about Rieu) and would like to forward to you if you can send me an email address.

    I look forward to exploring your website.

    Best wishes


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